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Preparation of the ITT Document

The ITT document should be segregated into logical and distinct sections containing for example:

  • Instruction to Tenderers;
  • Form of Tender;
  • Form of Contract agreement to be ultimately entered into.

Important considerations for effective ITT documentation and management of the process:

  • Questions to which information has been previously sought (for e.g. during prequalification) should be avoided
  • Structure of Tender: all forms and formats in which information is to be submitted by Tenderers should as far as possible, be standardized and attached
  • Instructions to Tenderers relating to technical Tender requirements should be received from users
  • Technical questionnaire should correspond to the technical evaluation criteria to be used to evaluate Tenders received
  • Emphasis should be on Contractors utilising adequate resources to meet objectives
  • Observe strict confidentiality and security of information during the Tender process